Power Worx 15’ Active Speaker

Power Worx 15’ Active Speaker

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Sweet sound at a budget-friendly price?

You bet – PowerWorks® makes it happen! Be it a party sound system, a PA for bands and DJs, or a fixed installation, PowerWorks® offers top- drawer sound even at peak levels!
PowerWorks® engineers developed the PowerWorks® line up in a state-of-the-art acoustics lab. Power- Works® enclosures are exclusively equipped with
high-quality custom-built loudspeakers,  especially for PowerWorks®.
All the considerable experience of PowerWorks® engineers, painstakingly matched components and crossovers, and the quality of true Old World craftsmanship endow the PowerWorks® line with the power to deliver rich, full, commanding sound.
Featuring a wide selection of passive and active models that may be mixed and matched in a variety of configurations, PowerWorks® offers the
right solution for the most diverse applications. And it does so at such reasonable prices that anyone can afford to enjoy audio quality engineered by PowerWorks®.


Main Components

  • 15-inch custom woofer with 3-inch voice coil
  • 90˚ horizontal dispersion
  • 90˚ vertical dispersion
  • 900W Class D power (50 & 400W continuous)
  • Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and ¼” inputs & 3,5mm Stereo Jack & Dual RCA
  • Direct line-input channel output
  • Single summed balanced output – Stereo or Mono


  • Mic/Line Level
  • Line/Level
  • 4 mode presets
    • Live – normal live front of house
    • DJ – Music playback
    • Speech – Clarity on Speech
    • Mon — stage wedge floor monitor
  • HPF On/Off
  • Front LED on logo On/Off

Convenience Features

  • Multi-angle enclosure for Front of House or on stage monitor wedge
  • Defeatable front-panel LED
  • Rugged, Polypropylene enclosure
  • Tour-grade steel grille
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • 35 mm pole sockets with Straight and 7˚ downward tilt
  • Integrated M10 rigging points for suspended horizontal and vertical installation
Bi-Amped Active Speaker
900W Peak Power
Amplifier Class-D (low-frequencies); Class-AB (high-frequencies)
1.35″ Compression Driver
4-Preset DSP (Live, DJ, Speech, Monitor)
Balanced MIC / Line XLR input with Thru XLR output, Line Stereo input with 2x ¼ “jack, Stereo input with Mini-Jack and RCA, all with independent level controls
Link output with Mono / Stereo selection
White Logo Front LED with On/Off Switch
Sturdy Polypropylene Enclosure with black anti-scratch paint
Flyable Yes
Handles 1 on top, 2 on sides
Pole Mount Standard 35 mm with dual tilt 0° or 7°

Multi-purpose Speaker

The APOLLO Series are an excellent solution for permanent installations but it’s also portable, making it a top choice for Hiring, Installation and mobile use. Best of all, it sounds great, delivering outstanding speech intelligibility and natural music reproduction, with even coverage throughout the room.

Wide Horizontal and Vertical coverage

The APOLLO Series custom designed horn combines horizontal coverage (90°) and vertical dispersion (90°) for broad coverage. The result is a loudspeaker gives the audience a great listening experience and a sound reproduction that fills the room.

Mounts horizontally or vertically for a variety of applications.

The APOLLO Series can be mounted in a horizontal configuration.    The Preset DSP Settings for live performance, floor monitor use, and music playback, and you have an extremely versatile speaker that is at home at front-of-house and as a stage monitor.


Plenty of power and I/O.

The APOLLO Series are supplied with more than enough power and I/O to handle a wide variety of applications and environments. Its 15-inch woofer is driven by a 400W (continuous), Class D power amp, while the 1.35-inch horn receives 50W. (Peak power is rated at 1,600W and 200W, respectively.) Channel 1 you get one XLR Mic input with Mic preamp.  Channel 2 has 2 x ¼” TRS inputs.  This input can be used mono or stereo Line level only input. Channel 3 has a Stereo 3,5mm Jack and 2 RCA Inputs. All the inputs have independent level control, allowing up to three audio sources to be mixed internally and summed to a balanced XLR output (stereo or mono switch) for “daisy-chaining” multiple units. A separate direct output for the line input channel provides additional flexibility.


15” 900W Peak 2-way Powered Loudspeakers with DSP

APOLLO Series speakers are part of a larger range of PowerWorks Pro Audio product line. This cabinet delivers 900W peak power, Specially selected transducers and compression drivers with a powerful DSP, advanced housing material and anti-scratch black paint: all Components combined to offer the best quality and value for the most demanding Audio professionals. APOLLO series 10″, 12” and 15” woofers are punchy and loud; the 1.35” compression driver delivers crystal clear sound. Built-in DSP allows you to select from 4 preset programs (Live, DJ, Speech and Monitor) to easily get your sound that you require for your event. There are three inputs with selectable inputs of Line and Mic with separate level controls.


Frequency Response 45Hz – 19kHz / -10dB
Max SPL 136 dB
Low-freq. Transducer 15″ Woofer
High-freq. Transducer 1.35″ Compression Driver
Coverage 90° x 90° constant directivity horn
Low-Frequency Amplifier Class-D 400W RMS – 800W Peak
High-Frequency Amplifier Class-AB 50W RMS – 100W Peak
AC Mains 220/240V – 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Average/Peak) 450W / 900W
Fuse T6.3AL-250V
DSP 4 preset (Live, DJ, Speech, Monitor)
Input Connections 1x XLR connector, 2x 63mm Jack, 1x 3,5mm Stereo Mini-Jack, 1x RCA Pair
Output Connectors 1x XLR Thru Output (Input 1), 1x XLR Link Output with Mono/Stereo selection
Housing Material Polypropylene
Grille Steel/1mm
Flyable Yes
Handles 2 on sides & 1 on top
Tripod/Pole Hole Standard D35mm with dual tilt 0 or 7°
Speaker Size (WxHxD) 490 x 740 x 425 mm
Packing Size (WxHxD) 525 x 775 x 445 mm
Speaker Weight 20.48 kg
Carton Weight 22 kg