Numark HF175 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Numark HF175 Professional Monitoring Headphones

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The HF175 Professional Monitoring headphones epitomize the seamless fusion of style, performance, and durability, tailor-made for DJs and audio professionals alike. Crafted with a timeless closed-ear design and a resilient yet lightweight steel framework, the HF175 is engineered to endure the challenges of both the touring circuit and the rigorous demands of the studio environment. Powered by high-quality 40mm drivers, these headphones unleash a robust and unadulterated audio experience, rendering them indispensable for live DJ performances, as well as for the meticulous tasks of mixing and audio monitoring. The plush cushioned ear cups and meticulously stitched headband ensure enduring comfort, even during extended sessions. Complementing this comfort, the internally reinforced stainless steel band guarantees longevity, making the HF175 headphones an investment in both audio quality and durability. Furthermore, the HF175 headphones feature a user-friendly single-cord design and 180-degree rotatable cups, facilitating convenience in usage and portability. This means you can effortlessly carry premium sound quality and comfort with you, regardless of where your creative journey takes you. Elevate your auditory experience with the HF175 Professional Monitoring headphones - where style meets uncompromising performance, all wrapped in a package of exceptional durability.



Operating Principle: Closed

Fashion: Supra-aural

Transducer Type: Dynamic

Loudhailer: ¢40mm

Impedance: 32?

Sensitivity: 95dB±3dB

Frequency Response: 15Hz-22kHz

Max. Power: 400mW

Rating Power: 200mW

Cable: 3m (straight)

Plug: ¢3.5mm+¢6.3mm

Nominal Headband Pressure: Approx.2.8N